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Creating a great story idea is crucial. It's the first thing you do to set your story up for success. It's your building foundation and if the foundation is weak, no amount of work will help to strengthen it.

With guided help, we will try to eliminate writer's self-doubt, even if you haven't read all those books about writing. This template will provide you with the necessary knowledge, allowing you to focus on planning your next book/ script idea that stands out from the crowd.


What You Need

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I’m a messy writer and suck at organizing my writing stuff. Didn’t know how to do that, actually. But “Dancing Papers” helps me remember my characters background, problems, etc. Everything is simplified here, I don’t need to read every book about writing, I have everything in one place. Thank you!

Why use our templates?

Plot Strategically

Strategic plotting helps authors create a book that stands out and has a chance to succeed in a crowded market.

Save Time

It only includes the necessary steps and tips. This way, you'll save that precious time for writing.

Get Inspired

A variety of examples and story ideas to unleash your imagination.

Store and Organize

A place to store and organize your ideas, so you can easily access them when you need to.

Overcome Writing Obstacles

Avoid writer's block with structured guidance to keep you on track.

Master Complexity

Complex structures are explained in an easy-to-understand manner, allowing you to create more advanced and detailed stories.

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