About Dancing Papers

Many writers find it hard to write because they struggle with creating a strategic outline. At Dancing Papers, we have guiding tools that will help writers create a plan for a story, and all those hours spent writing will be worth the effort.

Dancing Papers is a small company in Norway, dedicated to serving writers and authors worldwide. We understand the unique challenges and creative aspirations of those who craft stories, and our goal is to provide the most useful tools to complement their work.

About creator

Writing stories with my best friend was a big part of my teenage years. Things never change… We are not teenagers though.

So it was only natural that after school, I started learning the craft. The internet was a great teacher, but then I discovered books on creative writing and went to a couple of writing courses...

I do the work because I enjoy learning new things in a field that I'm passionate about, and my goal is to help writers become more strategic in their writing.